Bombtrack Bicycles Introduction

Bikes influenced by the lifestyle of the everyday cycling enthusiast


About the Brand

Bombtrack hails from Cologne, Germany. It is a relatively new brand from “We Make Things”, a German manufacturer who has been making bikes from over 20 years and are probably best known for their BMX brand “We The People”.

The brand’s ethos is simple: to design bikes influenced by the lifestyle of the everyday cycling enthusiast, with the attention to detail that you would expect from a custom frame builder.

From multiple clear coats of lacquer over exclusive paint colourways to anodised highlights dotted around the bike, the finish is unrivalled by any other larger scale manufacturer.

Whilst the range is diverse, it has a serious nod towards adventure cycling, whether that means cyclocross, gravel, endurance racing or all out bikepacking. Versatility is one of Bombtrack’s core design principles, with a lot of bikes being suitable for a multitude od uses.

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The Range

Whilst we don’t currently have in stock Bombtrack’s entire portfolio (available in strictly limited numbers and in different tranches), any product can be ordered or preordered, even framesets. Please contact our sales team